Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About Bindass Dadagiri

About Dadagiri
Campus ke bullies ko takkar de paogay? Socho, samjho before you shoot your mouth and risk your life. You’ll have to fight the meanest bullies ever - a mean, muscle flexing bhai, a snooty ‘goddess’ and a frighteningly intelligent geek.

If you can’t survive their cruel treatment, brace yourself for a ‘steamy’ date with the chef and his Lizard Lasagna. Now you know, why this is desh-ka meanest game show.

to grand prize, harogay to marogay.

Hai dum

Face Deadly Bull

  • Vishal, the bhai
  • Esha, the goddess
  • Shravan Brain, the geeky goon
  • Juicy Chef